Naive Mr.BluE…

Mr.Sun seems to smile on my face… 😊
Till the wind blew n drove him away east to west! ⛵
Where the cold waters calmly await… —–
Sunk the Sun but I see no water displaced! 😲

Where’s the moon I had chased yesterday? 😓
This one’s all like an oval cookie I just ate! 😅
Mr.Sun I’ve seen everyday… 🌞
But the moon can’t keep himself from a change! 🌛

There’s a matter that I want to change, 😏
Mr.Moon’s sad that we sleep well while he awakes! 😐
Feel the power to change the game, 😇
And from now on days and nights won’t be the same! 😉

Sun shines, I sleep…it’s not the day, 😴
But the day fades, all colors are now shades of gray! ☹
World of colors calls, ‘I need some rays!’ 😣 🌈
Mr.Sun still happily smiles on my face! 😊


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