Waiting For A Train…

Still remember that dreadful day,
I left you in the park…for a minute then!
I went up to just fetch some water,
But on my return, what filled was just Regret to me!!

Rap: Regret of leaving you on the dark site!
Regret of losing you to my bad side!
Felt like some on ceased my heart,
When they snatched you away from me!!!

In fractions decided to make a run…
Tried hard but failed to compete their guns…
Saw your eyes, so horrified,
Who just wished to spot me there!!!

Chorus: You’re waiting for a train,
That would take you far away…
Away from all this hell,
All with just a magic spell!!

And land you in my arms,
That would make you feel some warmth!
Just lay your believes in me…
I will make you/it to the end!!!

Dear you were never ever part of this game,
It’s just the part of your name that resembles me in shame!
They couldn’t get up with their grudge over me…
So now they abduct you, to let me suffer all the same!

Rap: The Pain of leaving you on the dark site!
Pain of losing you to my bad side!
Felt like someone stabbed my heart,
When they had you away from me!!!

Promised myself to get you off this hate!
Won’t let you suffer all of my fate!!
Remember your eyes, so horrified,
It still can feel your my mind state!!!

You’re drenched up in the rain…
Rain composed of all your pain!!
It drops you in the well,
& makes you feel like hell!!!

You’re locked up underground,
They dump you in the Barn!!
Your hands held on the cage…
Defines me of your Rage!!!


Transition: 🎼

I know, I know, I know, I know, I know…
What they’re wanting!!

U know, U know, U know…The thought of
Losing you is Haunting!!

I can’t just risk my life… that’s you,
Out there in rampage!!!

Then the only way to get you safe, comes to
My surrender…in their hands!!!



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