Chapter 1: Monday Mornings.

“And I stood there..watching her go. I had no tears in my eyes or any sort of distress in my heart. I was just restless, restless for her to turn back and say that she cannot live without me. Say that she loves me just like I do. And I waited, waited till she took the turn and disappeared. I still hoped that she’d return like how it happens in the movies and all the good tales I’ve heard of. But no. She didn’t and I knew she would never.. But there were still no tears in my eyes or any pain that I could feel. Just emptiness..” And then he paused, staring at the he had discovered a Lilliputian hiding in that dirty carpet of mine. I hesitantly asked, “Is there anything more you’d like to add?”. “I still remember the first time we met… I was sitting on the last bench as she stepped in the class and to my wonders joined me….”, and he went on and on with the same old story for the fifth time now; stupid teens! I regretted asking him what I did but well who cares…the longer the session goes the better I get paid. Still I was forgetting something. Why did I want to stop him? Oh yes I remember, Lucy has an appointment today and I need to shave!!

“Right Michael! I think you can stop now. I know how you’re feeling now. In my expert opinion, you’re suffering from….uh… A heartbreak. Well I’d suggest you to spend sometime off your phone..spend a little time doing things that u cherish. Do you like fishing? Or singing perhaps?”, and I was eager to see him off and yet all he had to do is stare at me with that expressionless face of his. “Mike? Fishing or singing or anything that you like?”, I insisted. “Oh yes. Maybe I’ll just head back to the gym. Workout a little harder to impress her better the next time we meet.”, he stretched his arms long and got relaxed. “Fantastic!” I exclaimed with joy, as now I could send him away and get ready to meet Lucy. I was also happy to know that he seemed to hold up against his petty heartbreak…so I had nothing to worry about and yet I would call him for another session next week to check on his gym time. “Ok bro! Gym it we’ll meet for another session next week. Call me if you need me anytime! And also ask Hazel for next week’s appointment on your way out! See ya hunk! No problems at all. You’ll get over her sooner than you think.” I pat his back and gave him an incomplete hug as I pushed him out of the room. “Hazel, 15 mins! Let me know when Lucy is here”. Hazel gave no reply as usual but I was pretty sure she got that. She is the best secretary you could have. Does exactly what needs to be done without a sound!
I was in the middle of my shave when I heard that door knock and the next moment a girl barged in hurriedly, I guess Hazel couldn’t stop her. She wore a blue gown as if unaware that it’s monsoon time. It was raining outside yet she looked neat as ever. How wouldn’t she, her driver drops her off in that Mercedes while her bodyguard awaits at the door with an umbrella ready. Yes, she is Lucy…the hottest chick you’ll ever see around here. She is the daughter of Mrs.Shelby, owner of the S(star) restó, hotel and casino. In the awe of her magical beauty I forgot I was in the middle of my shave. “Peté you need to hurry. I’m devastated! I need you right now.”, she cried. I approached her gently, took her hands in mine and said politely, ” Don’t you worry, everything will be alright. I’m here for you…always!”. I was about to kiss her hand but I was pushed away with a disgusted look. I was shocked but soon I realized…the god damn shaving cream on my face!!! This could’ve been my only chance at ever kissing Lucy, even if it was only her hand and yet it was ruined! Her bodyguard stepped in with a furious look and I swiftly corrected myself, “Yes of course! Always there for you, right after I’m finished with my shave. Would you mind waiting for 5 mins please?” “No I can’t!”, she said worriedly. “Rub that thing off your face now and listen to me. James please leave the room, you aren’t allowed in here!”, she commanded. James was that macho bodyguard of her who seemed to refuse her command and charged at me. I had no time for my last prayer… I shut my eyes tight! A moment later the footsteps grew quiet and I could feel a cloth rubbed against my cheeks. I opened my eyes. It was James with a towel in his hand, wiping out the lather on my face. He was done, he said nothing, stood up and left the room. “Hazel you too!”, Lucy commanded again. But Hazel listens to nobody but me. I shook my head in agreement and asked her to leave.

“So Lucy, what’s the big problem?”, I asked. “Mommy’s gonna find out about me and Harry!”, her face looked all pale as if it meant life and death yet it rang no bells for me. Who the heck was this Harry guy? I scratched my head and asked her, “Harry?”. She turned away as if ashamed and said in a low speech,”I’m sorry I didn’t tell you the truth about him. Harry is my boyfriend. We’ve been seeing each other for quiet some time now. I don’t know how my mom got to know about this. We used to meet in absolute secrecy!”. I definitely doubt her ‘absolutely secrecy’ as there is hardly anybody in the city except for tourists who doesn’t know her. In fact even regular tourists do know her if they’re used to dropping in at her mother’s hotel or casino. Anyway I was still stuck on ‘Who the heck is harry?’ But then alarms rang aloud. Oh fuck, harry?! That arse who she told, used to stalk her. I swear she never mentioned of him any more than that in any of her sessions. Not even when we talked on the phone. I couldn’t believe that that pipsqueak was now her boyfriend?! Ohh wow! “Urgh uhh..”, I cleared my throat,”Harry is now your boyfriend? I think when we arranged this thing between us I was quite clear on rule number 1. No lies with me, wasn’t I?”. She swiftly held my face, looked me in the eye and hugged me. Hugging me tight she said,”I didn’t lie to you darling. I just kept the truth from you on this one only for the sake of my ‘absolute secrecy’. And for a moment I forgot everything else in this world. These hugs and that charm was the only reason I could even fantasize about us, knowing WHO SHE WAS and WHO I AM. Well me being me, madly constricted by her charm couldn’t help but seize the opportunity and hugged her long one last time. “Pete?! Are you listening? I did nothing on purpose. I know you’re hurt but I really didn’t mean to. I was helpless.”, she detached me from her body and my fantasy. “I can understand.”, I said sadly. “Oh Pete, I love you!”, she hugged me again. Annihilating my stupid emotions, for the first time I slipped myself out of her loving long arms. She was worried about who could’ve told her mother about her relationship with harry. With no second thoughts I blamed it on the horrifying beast who almost gave me a heart attack. “James did it. I know this. I can say from the look in his eyes. You know I can catch a lie from half a mile”, says the guy who couldn’t even smell this vixen’s lie. She was all shocked but as always her faith in my words was unshaken. She could never refuse to believe me. But I didn’t want her to fire him and take a beating of his stone hard fists as and when he finds out the truth of his dismissal. I cleverly took her arms in mine, trying my level best to make her believe in what I had to say, “Well what’s done is all done. There’s no point in hiding the truth now. I think we should focus on trying to convince Mrs. Shelby on this matter. That is all that matters right now!”. She seemed disappointed with my suggestion. She took a moment but got her mind right. “You’re right. We should go talk to mom about this”, she agreed. “Yes, so what’re you waiting for? Call harry.”, I encouraged her handing her, her phone. “What harry? I said ‘We’ as in you and me. You’ll be the one to convince her. It was your idea right. C’mon let’s go!”, she dragged me out of the room, hurried through the stairs and shoved me in her car.
As we reached Shelby mansion’s gate I was scared. What am I going to say to convince Mrs.Shelby to agree to Lucy and Harry’s relationship? The car stopped and I was dragged out of the car, holding my hand was Lucy Shelby. She called out to her mom and to our surprise there were too many people in the hall than what you’d usually expect at the Shelby mansion. Lucy, her mom, a bunch of servants and bodyguards that’s all you’d get to meet on a usual note. But oh no, this was some sort of a party where I had come uninvited and everybody was staring at…oh me? I was surprised why but a stern voice cleared all my doubts. “Why is there a half bearded man standing in my hallway hands in hands with my daughter?”, Mrs.Shelby was furious. I tried to take out my hands to put them back where they should belong but Lucy wasn’t losing out on her grip. “This man is the one I love with my whole heart mommy!”, Lucy exclaimed. All of us were in a deep shock, and of all I was buried in the depths of hell. “Whattt??!”, I argued. Practically if this was an hour ago I’d be delighted with the sound of those words but now was not a great time. My day was already running bad, that’s how Monday mornings ought to be. There was no time to be happy, something was fishy. There was a lot of yelling and loud arguments between the daughter and mother, none of which got through my head. It was audible yet inaudible to my mind. With the events that followed entered a gentleman from the back in a grey shiny tuxedo. He took Lucy’s hand off mine and held it to his chest and all of a sudden people in the room cheered with joy showering their blessings over the couple. I was blank but turns out it was all an act and ruckus was actually a pre-engagement play as a tradition of the Groom’s family. Lucy just happened to lose out on a male actor portraying her boyfriend at the very last moment who was replaced by me.

All the hands clapped, few capable mouths blew whistles and two fingers exchanged two rings which unified the hearts of the ring bearers.  And here I stood a half bearded man, standing in the hallway, tricked into a lousy pre-engagement play by the girl who I was infatuated with. Nice. A typical Monday morning!


✍️ This is chapter 1 of a story set in motion, if you like it please share your support in the comments below! Suggestions and criticism are also welcome! ✍️


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