In life we either win or we learn. This poetry is all about the regret of making wrong decisions and at the same time taking pride in them, for each wrong decision leaves us yet another lesson to be learnt!


Waiting For A Train…

A #StoryTeller poetry of a spy having plenty of enemies, an occupational hazard. As a consequence of his past, his future - his love is taken away from him; abducted to make him suffer! Helpless in desperation of saving his love he is forced to sacrifice himself by surrendering in hands of his enemies. inspired by #Inception!

Naive Mr.BluE…

When we try to listen to the kid in us I'm sure we get to hear a lot of naive wishes, wishes to change the world, wishes to have a Sunday everyday, so on and so forth. This little poem is about one of such naive wishes of swapping day and night and how different life would be than it is. Inspired by my favourite Adam Young a.k.a Owl City's "If My Heart Was A House"

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